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Amigurumi Captain Olimar and Pikmin

Custom design. My boyfriend loves Captain Olimar, and I’ve been wanting to make him since I first learned how to crochet, but I was a beginner; I couldn’t find a pattern and wasn’t confident enough to start custom crocheting. Now that I’ve learned the tricks of the trade and custom work has become my specialty, I decided to finally take on Captain Olimar as a project!

I always knew I wanted to make him with his helmet, which would also be the most challenging part. I ended up finding these ornament holders which were the perfect size, I just had to cut a hole in the plastic for his head to fit through. I needle felted his small friend, the white Pikmin (my boyfriend’s favorite) as a companion. This was my first fully felted figure, and I love how he came out! I’m thinking of felting the other Pikmin over time. 

Together this duo is so cute I almost can’t handle it. ;)